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 The liquid quantum fuel catalyst 
 Less emissions and consumption 



TOP TORQUE® can be used in all hydrocarbon-based fuels as well as combustibles optimizing their combustion characteristics. The result – less fuel consumption and emissions.

The wide range of application encompasses road freight transport, public traffic, construction, agriculture, rail transport, shipping, heating oil market as well as cement production, to name a few.

Areas of application


  • Does not change the chemistry of the fuel

  • Improves power and torque (even with biodiesel) 

  • Can be added to all hydrocarbon-based fuels and combustibles

  • Allows a more complete, regular and therefore cleaner combustion


  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by ø 8 to 12%

  • Decreases harmful emissions

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Extends engine life through reduced sooting

  • Can be used directly without cost-intensive conversions

What is the difference between TOP TORQUE® and an additive?


Catalyst Def: A substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions (as at a lower temperature) than otherwise possible without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. 

Additive Def: An additive is a substance added to another in relatively small amounts to effect a desired change in properties.

TOP TORQUE® does not modify the fuel in any way, it simply causes a more complete combustion reaction. Nor does it provide the fuels with additional energy.

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