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The bioorganic liquid catalyst.
Less emissions and consumption


TOP TORQUE® can be used in all hydrocarbon-based fuels as well as combustibles optimising their combustion characteristics. The result – less fuel consumption and emissions.

The wide range of application encompasses freight transport, public traffic, construction, agriculture, rail transport, shipping, heating oil market as well as cement production, to name a few.



  • Does not change the chemistry of the fuel

  • Improves power and torque (even with biodiesel)

  • Can be added to all hydrocarbon-based fuels and combustibles

  • Allows a more complete, regular and therefore cleaner combustion


  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by ø 7 to 10%.

  • Decreases harmful emissions

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Extends engine life through reduced sooting

  • Can be used directly without cost-intensive conversions

What is the difference between TOP TORQUE® and a "common" additive?


A common additive is added to a substance to modify or enhance its existing properties. TOP TORQUE® does not modify the fuel in any way, it only causes a more complete combustion reaction. It does not add any additional energy to the fuel. It streamlines the alignment of hydrocarbon and oxygen molecules in the burning chamber therefore enhancing a better and harmonious burn.

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